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Helping our neighbors stay safe, warm and dry.

Greenwood Community Home Repair restores vibrant neighborhoods by financing and performing repairs on the homes of those most in need.

Repairing homes. Revitalizing communities.

Greenwood Community Home Repair addresses the pressing issues of housing shortage and instability by repairing and improving existing homes throughout Greenwood County.  We believe that repairing homes is the key to restoring vibrant neighborhoods, economies and communities.

A recent survey of 1,000 homeowners in the United States revealed that nearly 60 percent are delaying home repairs because they can't afford to pay for them.  Among the elderly and low-income, that percentage is surely higher.  Families under stress are forced into an impossible choice between buying groceries, having child care or repairing the roof.

Greenwood Community Home Repair raises money from generous community supporters and then loans those funds so that low-income homeowners can buy materials to keep themselves safe, warm and dry.  We then arrange an affordable repayment plan over time with no interest being charged.  If you're interested in making a tax-deductible gift to support this important program, please click Donate above, call 864-223-9399 or write to


We also act as the general contractor and carry out the repairs by deploying volunteers from around the community under the supervision of licensed construction staff.  At Greenwood Community Home Repair, volunteers are the heart, soul and muscle of our work!  If you'd like to join the cause, please click Volunteer above, call 864-223-9399 or write to

We build wheelchair ramps, install handrails, repair and replace flooring, paint walls, repair and replace decks, replace siding and do other work as may be needed.  If you'd like to apply for assistance through our program, please visit our office at 201B Waller Avenue in Greenwood, call 864-223-933 or write to

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201B Waller Avenue
Post Office Box 68
Greenwood, South Carolina  29648

864-223-9399 (phone)     864-223-3273 (fax)



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